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Success TMS Therapy: We are announcing our joint venture with Success TMS, and will be introducing NeuroStar technology (non-drug depression treatment) platform. NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is an innovative, FDA-cleared therapy that can help people who struggle with Major Depressive Disorder even after taking antidepressant medication.

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Genesight: GeneSight Psychotropic’s genetic testing can help you shorten the road to recovery and escape the long and frustrating process of trying multiple medications. If you’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or related conditions, GeneSight Psychotropic’s genetic testing can help find the medication that works for you.

EZLABZ: Lab work completed at the comfort of your home or office. Click here for more details.

Our concierge approach allows you to meet from the comfort of your home via Tele Psych. Download Zoom today.

Pharmacogenomics aims to predict how individual genetic variability impacts drug absorption, metabolism, and activity. Pharmacogenomics (aka, precision medicine) studies the relationship between genetic variations and how our body responds to medications, including testing that predicts how patients will respond to drug therapy based on their individual genetic makeup.

Differences between individuals can affect drug absorption, metabolism, or activity. Therefore, while one treatment regimen may work well for one individual, the same regimen may cause adverse effects for other individuals.